Geotechnical Engineering Services
We provide a wide range of geotechnical engineering services for buildings, land developments, infrastructures, dams and levees, mining, oil and gas, and pipeline industries, including:

Site investigation, instrumentation, advanced and routine field and laboratory testing, numerical modeling, risk analysis, and construction inspection
Geotechnical design and monitoring for shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments, excavations, engineered fills, ground improvements, pavements, retention ponds, sewage systems, flood diversion systems, buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, tank farms, towers, open-pit mines, mining site support facilities, pipelines, oil and gas and manufacturing infrastructures
Analysis and control of landslides, groundwater seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, liquefaction, ground collapse and large scale subsidence
Senior and peer review of reports, construction QA/QC, and project management
Forensic, preventive, and remedial geotechnical engineering
Permafrost and frozen ground engineering