Oil and Gas Wastewater
Bonifacio Groups International has been working closely with other oil and gas companies to come up with an ideal solution to frac flow back treatment, surface drilling treatment, horizontal drilling, well completion and dewatering. We've designed and patented a process to not only meet but exceed the heavy demands of the oil and gas industry.

Our process primarily uses three technologies to treat drilling waste; a belt style press for dewatering, dissolved air flotation (DAF) for solids removal and a proprietary polymer blend for both systems. With these technologies, we are able to treat drilling waste at a fraction of the cost compared to other technologies on the market.

Bonifacio Groups has not only developed a process for treatment but also a "plug and play" module system to fit in with standard drilling equipment. These treatment modules are quickly deployable and provide all the necessary equipment to treat drilling fluids directly from the rig. All modules come with a CLASS I DIV II certification and exceed OSHA requirements for safety.
Bonifacio Groups team of engineers and specialists has the knowledge and expertise to effectively carry out a broad spectrum of environmental projects. As part of our product package, Bonifacio GroupsGroup also provides complete design and engineering services. Depending on project requirements, Bonifacio Groups can create custom packages, pre-built or installed on site, retrofit existing facilities, perform installation and start-up services, provide operational training and/or staffing, and develop residual waste management solutions.
Bonifacio Groups is committed to providing comprehensive evaluations of existing facilities and developing cost-effective, highly efficient solutions to meet stringent discharge requirements, increase plant capacity, decrease operational costs, and increase overall performance.
Bonifacio Groups also provides the following services:
Project Management and Commisioning
Process Design and Evaluation
Turn-Key Systems
Residual Waste Management Plans
Detailed Facility Layout Drawings
Piping and Electrical Diagrams
Process and Instrumenataion Diagrams
Sludge Composting
Economic Evaluations
Facility Layout
Hydraulic Profiling
Process Simulation